Sydney Computer Help

Technical Support For PCs, Mac Computers and Networks

We set up and configure brand new computers and Printers  PCs and Macs and install all the latest updates for those systems.

cropped-pexels-photo-90333-medium-1.jpegWe update device drivers to the latest versions when required.

We move data from old systems to new systems.

We install Windows operating systems, upgrade existing Windows systems to later versions, configure existing Windows operating systems, install other software on Windows systems, configure email set ups and web browsers. We also troubleshoot system problems and solve issues where possible.

image2We set up data backup solutions. We install and configure anti-virus and anti-malware applications, remove viruses and malware from infected computers.

We remove factory installed bloatware from new and older computers.

We also carry out complete system rebuilds / installs when necessary and transfer data from computer to computer when required.

Enquire about Special one-off quotes for off-site complete system rebuilds / clean installs